Business is extremely personal for entrepreneurs, especially for those of us who are heart-centered and in a service-based business. These resources & worksheets are meant to help you use your heart to organize your thoughts and actions.
Find what you need below and please email me if you would like to request a worksheet on something specific!

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This 9-step annual review is ideal for the entrepreneur looking for retrospective clarity and a solid foundation for growth. (1+ years in business needed). Set aside 2 hours to complete this comprehensive review.

Annual Review Worksheet

annual planning worksheets

This guided worksheet will reveal:
- Where your time and energy went in 2020
- Your top core values & personal strengths
- The projects/services that have the most potential for profit (& the ones to turn down)
- The 7 key performance metrics to track on an annual basis
- A framework for your most fulfilling work day
- 40+ unique focus areas for personal success

This 4-step worksheet brings you clarity when analyzing difficult choices - especially those that require making big changes or hard transitions (so pretty much, all of 2020).
Ideal for those deciding between two options or feeling unclear about a major life change.

Intention of Transition Worksheet

clarity worksheets

This 5-step process cures the feeling of "I haven't done enough" at the end of the workday. This method allows you to work on projects that match your energy level and feel more accomplished than ever.
Ideal for those who feel their workday works them on a regular basis.

Setting Your "Intention" Span

productivity worksheets


GET clear.

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