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My services are designed to bring clarity, energy, creativity and growth to those who are using their gifts, skills and training to express themselves and uplift those around them.

creative direction, photography & Design:

i like to help people that like to help people. 

are we a match?

help people see the beauty - THE ONES THAT CREATE FROM THE HEART & SOUL.

help people solve a challenge - the ones that compassionately meet community needs.

BRAND strategy:

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creative OFFERINGS:

Research + Brand Development + Strategy Sessions
Why me? I have a degree in marketing and a certification in coaching. Some clients call strategy sessions "brand therapy."


Visual Concept + Photoshoot + Editing 
Why me? I am not afraid to say awkward things to make you laugh.

creative direction:

Logo Design + Copywriting + Collaboration with Other Creative Pros
Why me/us? I love bringing colorful brands to life and collaborating with good-hearted, talented people.

kind words

"Bringing Genni on board to help in my business clarity also helped me as an individual discover more of what's important to me - what is our business if not an extension of ourselves? Genni guided me through thoughtful conversation to help me narrow in on my brand's message and identity, helping my business become more successful." 

- Barbara B. from Norfolk, VA

If marketing yourself feels like pulling teeth, it's very likely you're unclear about what you and your clients value. Identifying where your strengths overlap with your clients ' needs will make your marketing flow naturally, your client feel seen and your business grow - in the right way.

marketing can be really fun when you understand yourself and your customer.


As a matter of fact, it's critical that you start to say "no!" This is one of the most common and most dangerous beliefs female entrepreneurs hold. Spreading yourself too thin can lead to a slow plateau in growth and a long, slow road to burnout. The trick is knowing what to say yes to and going for that with all of your might.

you do not have to say "yes" to win clients.


Most of you have probably been told to define your client's biggest problem and poke at it again and again. First of all, you are not a Scrub Daddy or an item on Shark Tank. You are a person who has a purpose and often times, the purely transactional "problem to solution" formula fails a business with depth. To connect with your ideal client, write messaging that centers around your mission. You don't have to expose people's weaknesses to resonate with their values.

transactional businesses are not the only way to go:


3 misconceptions about marketing:

mytop tips for business owners:


In the past 10 years, I dedicated 4 years to corporate marketing, 6 years to my own marketing businesses and all 10 years trying to walk the delicate line between professional achievement and personal well-being. Most of the years I succeeded professionally, I let myself down in the well-being department. Most of the years I focused more on well-being, my career suffered. When I became a mother 3 years ago, love grew tenfold but work-life balance was replaced with self-doubt, lack of vision and my creative spark almost went out.

I have had many conversations with other professional women that followed the same path (especially once a global pandemic entered the picture). More than anything, I am passionate about providing accessible creative services & uplifting support to people who are called to make a difference. I'm particularly passionate about supporting women and mothers in my own community by hiring them for creative services or working with them as clients.

well-being is my greatest metric of success.

meet genni ThrEet, clc.

GET clear.

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