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You started your business for a reason: you are a big-hearted person whose business is built around helping others succeed. But often, your giving nature can result in you feeling unclear about your own business. 
Let's keep going. (P.S. your coffee is getting cold in the microwave). 

coaching for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

i help heart-centered entrepreneurs like:

it's a good fit.

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In this 8-week guided program, visionary female entrepreneurs will write a full page of clear & compelling website copy aligned with themselves, their dream client, their big vision and current mission.


clear copy that connects

my new 8-week program!

If marketing yourself feels like pulling teeth, it's very likely you're unclear about what you and your clients value. Identifying where your strengths overlap with your clients ' needs will make your marketing flow naturally, your client feel seen and your business grow - in the right way.

marketing can be really fun when you understand yourself and your customer.


As a matter of fact, it's critical that you start to say "no!" This is one of the most common and most dangerous beliefs female entrepreneurs hold. Spreading yourself too thin can lead to a slow plateau in growth and a long, slow road to burnout. The trick is knowing what to say yes to and going for that with all of your might.

you do not have to say "yes" to win clients.


Statistically, you are going to perform exponentially better when you lead with and develop your strengths.  A 2016 Gallup study revealed that companies reported up to a 29% increase in profits when they simply focused on developing their employees' strengths.

focusing on your strengths makes your business more profitable.


clients of mine will learn the following:

some of my top business tips:

worksheets & resources

strengths & values.

build your business around your

it's time for a working renaissance.

Following your unique strengths & values will spark the fire behind your success.
Start realigning your business today with some of my favorite worksheets!

kind words

"Bringing Genni on board to help in my business clarity also helped me as an individual discover more of what's important to me - what is our business if not an extension of ourselves? Genni guided me through thoughtful conversation to help me narrow in on my brand's message and identity, helping my business become more successful." 

- B.B. from Norfolk, VA


My journey to becoming a certified life coach (CLC) was a curvy one. I spent 13 years in the marketing business, the last 3 spent on running my own consulting firm for small businesses. I realized it was time for a change when I couldn't even slip into the grocery store without feeling guilty for not being in front of my computer.

I'm your coach (and i've been right where you are).

meet genni ThrEet, clc.

I now love Monday mornings (most of the time - I'm only human!). My career is a reflection of who I am and an investment into my future self. You deserve that, too. 

GET clear.

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